Black Label Blogs

Our Old Maid cocktail was our first cocktail recipe created. It was released in November 2020. We are currently working on a brand new recipe for the Old Maid and our Rhubarb & Bramble cocktail when we will be re-releasing our full range very soon.

This is the beginning of Black Label Blogs. Our intention is to keep our customers up to date on all things BLL.

We will be writing about a wide range of things

  • Our process of choosing our cocktails
  • The mixology and testing (the fun part)
  • Our experience and where BLL came from
  • Where we are made, what spirits we use and how we are bottled
  • Why we chose Cardiff Distillery
  • What is coming next?
  • Where you can expect to find Black Label Liquor

and much more…

2021 is BLLs year.