We’ve been saying it, but 2021 will be our year

I don’t know if you know, but Black Label Liquor was created during the first Lockdown we had in the UK a year this month. It was born after seeing countless people drinking at home, but taking no pride in their drinks. No measurements used, no ice, any glass they could get their hands on. We’ve all done it; and we’ve all sat there and proclaimed then “I don’t like Gin & Tonic” or “No thanks, Tequila is awful” but in reality we probably haven’t been serving our drinks the way they should have been. Black Label Liquor wanted to change that and help bring convenient high quality cocktails to homes all around the UK and Europe, extending the bar experience to your own house. We offer ready to pour cocktails; no need to add mixers, no need to add juice, ready to drink.

You don’t order a Margarita in a bar and ask for some lemonade to top it up do you? If you do you are in the wrong place.

I digress.

After Black Label Liquor was created, we produced our first products come November 2021. We set up numerous events but couldn’t even let people have tasters whilst out and about due to Covid rules. BUT.

Things are opening up…we have a chance to do pop ups bars, you will see people drinking our cocktails in parks and beaches around the country. You’ll see pop up bars at events and you’ll see us sold in boutique deli’s and bottle shops around the UK. It’s something we can’t wait for. It’s been a tough year for Black Label Liquor but there is exciting things to come.

Watch this space.

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